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Permit me to thump my chest

May This is the personal blog and public journal of Tom Woodward. He is a husband and father, a veteran of two branches of the military. Since 1976 he’s been an biomedical engineer, the COO and GM of a small corporation, has served on a number of public policy boards and as successfully stood for election twice.  In 2018 he retired from IBM.

“I love to write, although until recently I’ve unable to dedicate much time to the it. I’ve authored a number of technical papers, and was the winner of the 2009 Artwork from the Cube competition conducted by the Kansas City Art’s Council in the “Worst Opening Line” category (which I failed to in 2010! Although, I was extremely proud of my 8 word story.”

My passions are writing, photography and things that go fast.

I’ve owned a lot of bikes, most of them antiques; a 1930 HD VC, a 50 HD FL Bobber and now a 1984 HD FXRT in addition to 8 Hondas, 3 Yamahas, and 3 Kawasakis and 2 Suzukis.  Tom along with his wife Lani and daughter Juliana also have a passion for Minis and MINI Coopers.  The own three, Olaf, Skeeter and BB8.