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Welcome to MOTR!

Minis of the Rockies, aka MOTR is a non-profit social club located and registered in the State of Colorado.  Our purpose and our passion revolves around the Classic Austin Mini.

MOTR Members enjoy many benefits.  We typically try to have at least 6 organized drives and gatherings every year, often more.  A summer picnic and end of year holiday gathering are two staples.

In addition, we hold in-person technical sessions guided by a local expert. Past three sessions were led by Mr. Darren Haines, our former president, who had provided MOT inspections and recently a demonstration of how to replace valve seals without removing the head in an A series engine.  Both events were sponsored at local automotive facilities.

The truth is just about anyone who has seen a classic Mini, Moke, Pup or one of their “posh” cousins like a Riley Elf or Wolseley Hornet would love to have one.  They’re an absolute blast to drive, simple enough where most shade tree mechanics can manage their won repairs (no computers here,) and they’re also a pretty safe investment.


About motr

How old is MOTR?

MOTR was founded by a couple of Mini enthusiasts back in 1993.  They owned Minis but had no one locally they could reach out to for guidance, information and help with repairs and parts sourcing.

So they got together and soon discovered that there was so much more the cars provided other than a unique form of transport.  They and the people who own them are a hell of a lot of fun.

The founding of MOTR predates the MINI platform by several years but members own either classic Minis and modern MINIs or both!

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IS MOTR a large club?

No, unlike some other clubs MOTR has never been larger than about 40 members.  It’s not that we’re exclusive, frankly, unlike say modern clubs, there aren’t multiple thousand of these cars on the local roads.

We also have a flat fee for membership.  $30 a year covers you and your immediate family.

We have an abiding interest in encouraging younger and diverse membership.

Everyone one in MOTR knows one another.  We also join up with several other clubs and groups as the occasion demands.

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What else can you tell me?

MOTR is an equal opportunity organization.  We do not discriminate based on anything race, sexual orientation, religion, physicality or social beliefs.

We have an active social media presence on FaceBook and Instagram.

Many of our members assist to help members find good solid cars and helping to keep them on the road and safe.

Oh and our motto is “MOTR ON”. We believe our cars need to be driven, if they run they should be on the road.


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Members Rides


Mini Pup

POOH is a canary yellow Mini Pickup or PUP. These are one of the more rare models of the Austin Mini. Only about 1% of all Minis made were PUPS.

King of Castle Rock and Dooby

Birstol Lodekka and Riley Elf MkII


This is a 1965 Riley Elf, one of the two POSH Mini variations next to CR King’s 1961 Bristol Lodekka Bus.  Two passion projects belonging to members.




This is CR King’s Moke.  Like many members we tend to collect multiple cars over the years.  They’re small so I bet you can’t own just one!


Upcoming Schedule

We invite interested Mini owners to attend an event or a meeting. 

Please request an invitation to MOTR ON!


April 2024

MOTR April Meeting


Denver Colorado


July 2025

Mini east meets west


Spearfish South Dakota



Our motto and creed.