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home is relative

Bill, my step father, was a sergeant in the Air Force in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 18 years between my birth in Minneapolis and entering the US Navy in 1972 I lived in nine different states.

I remain in contact with many friends from as long ago at 1963 and as far away as Spain, the Philippines, India and Australia.

What I share here is acknowledgement of some of my friends who I most admire and adore.


Pat Shaw

Pat is one of my dearest if not dearest friends.  There’s no one more generous, funny and giving that I have ever known.

I was blessed to be honored when Pat and his wife Lisa asked me to be a God Father to their children Kaela and Pat Jr.

Mace & Alex Barbera

Mace and Alex are the funnest and most amusing couple we’ve been blessed to know.

This is a very off-centered couple, enamored with kitsch eateries and a passion for the open road.

Alex and my wife share a common birthday and does Mace and me. 

Ginette & Rich Gagnon

I met the Gagnons through my Mother Marge who babysat both their children. 

I admire them greatly for the wonderful humor, graciousness and calm sensibilities.  They are my daughter’s God Parents.

Earnest Blue

Ernie or “Mr. Blue” as people often call him was a star athlete in our High School.  Even more amazing then his verticality on the basketball court and much more enduring is his cherubic smile.

Earnie is our High School class poet laureate and social conscious. He’s an active avid basketball coach and traveling historian.


I met Laura  in Palm Springs 20 years ago in the midst of the California Electricity Crisis.  

She hosted me at her home outside Madrid in W003. It was of the best experiences of my life.

Because of her I have only one degree of separation from Francisco Franco.  I am glad we’ve remained friends all these years.


Harry is another alum of Southington High School & while we weren’t buds back then I’ve come to discover he and I have very similar loves.  I’m the better looking one of us however.

Harry’s muses are photography and content.  Socially and politically he’s another progressive.

Nice to have a kindred soul.


I met Reynald aka “Mr. Extra Rice” in 2004 in the Philippines.  He is my wife Lani’s favourite cousin and was one of our chaperons when I was courting my wife.

He’s my surrogate in the Philippines and we are very proud of the man he as become.


I had the fortune to meet Gary around 1977 at a bar in Wolcott Ct where I was a bouncer.

Gary a very generous and gregarious nature and his laugh makes every smile along.

He’s simply one of the most pleasurable people I’ve ever known and I count him amongst my best friends.

My wife lani

If you can’t count your wife as your best friend…

Lani and I met on the dance floor in Cebu City in 2004 while I was on vacation with my younger brother Bill and his wife Annie.

Lani is astoundingly funny and one of the hardest working people in the world.  She makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me proud like no other person can.