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About Us

Mission: Cathi’s Table serves the special needs community by providing scholarships for training and funds to cover gaps in educational tools or medical coverage.

Examples may include:

  1. Vocational education (ie. dog grooming school) – Scholarships up to $1000/year – actual amount awarded will change based on the qualified need.
  2. Registration Fees to attend a camp/class/conference (ie. life skills)
  3. A special tool to allow speech to text communication
  4. Medical gap in coverage (ie. hearing aids that a medical professional has deemed necessary but there is gap in medical coverage)
  5. Successful proof of completion is required in order to show funds were used as intended.Funds will be subject to reimbursement if money was not properly used. (Fund are limited and will be tightly managed.)
  6. Funds will be paid directly to the fulfillment organization – not the recipient.

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Cathi’s Table is a non-profit organization formed to share the love and generosity of Cathi Gomez. 


Mark Gomez; Lauren Gomez and Madison Gomez are the founders and leaders of Cathi’s table


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