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What do you say when?

Let me state this. I believe that there are evil persons in our police force, military, society and government. People who serve for a purpose that is not altruistic.

Over the decades these persons have learned, adapted and manipulated systems that have permitted them to inflict their evil on others.  

I am appalled by callous and public murder of George Floyd.  He was murdered no less than if he was lynched in the dead of night. I am also certain he is not an exception, but the most recent example of systemic racism that exists in many of our public, civil and private institutions.

I don’t believe George Floyd grew up to be a good man, nor do I believe certain others like Michael Brown was a good man. But the manner of their deaths is not justifiable. They were delivered by comparably evil men in blue uniforms.

Face facts. Not all people of color are evil and not all men in blue are pure.

The only distasteful issue associated with this most recent death aren’t the protests; it’s the fact that “murder while blue” wasn’t resolved when innocents, like Breona and Jordan were killed. 

Breonna Taylor

March 13, 2020

Jordan Edwards

April 29, 2017


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